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Tahe Outdoors : Lifestyle 420 PE 3PE Sit In Kayak + RUDDER + New BiC Sport Kayak Paddle German built high quality kayak - used condition, excellent The paddler who chooses their kayak from the Way of life series would be the such a lot pleasantly surprised. With the oversized cockpits and increased stability some would possibly think these are just meant for beginners, but our design team has a long way exceeded expectations. Regardless that these kayaks are extremely stable, additionally they have exceptional handling and a stunning amount of speed. The Way of life 420 has proven itself a success and change into a demanded kayak in the marketplace, suitable for smaller to medium sized paddlers. The relatively large cockpit provides a much more straightforward entry to the kayak. It’s equipped with two oval hatches for more straightforward packing and get entry to on your equipment. The hull has been designed with keeping initial stability in mind. Regardless that this kayak comes equipped with a rudder it used to be designed in order that it would easily be paddled without one; due to this fact we expect that is the easiest kayak for a beginning paddler to begin his paddling career. TRM construction – superlinear HD polyethylene subject material, utilized in both skin and sandwich processes, to create even harder and lighter PE boats. Measures 16.2 feet by 24 Inch by 13.25 Inch; weighs 59 pounds. Stable and big kayak for amateur paddlers Large cockpit provides simple entry Suitable for smaller to medium sized paddlers Equipped with a rudder and two oval hatches Measures 16.2 feet by 24 Inch by 13.25 Inch; weighs 59 pounds LOCAL PICKUP Point Pleasant Beach NJ

Tahe Outdoors Lifestyle 420 PE 3PE SIT IN KAYAK + Rudder + Paddle RED

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