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NEW - BIC Sport Performer CARBON FIBER CF LL Spring Loaded Adjustable SUP Paddle Stand Up Paddle Board PADDLE.

Ideal for advanced riders and newbies alike due to their ease of use and performance in a wide variety of conditions. Performer paddles are light, durable and designed for smooth yet powerful propulsion with a clean entry into the water and crisp exit at the end of the stroke. Whether your Touring, Racing, SUP Surfing or just cruising around your local lake, Performer paddles are a joy to use.

CF - Carbon shaft / Fiberglass blade; Optimized flex for improved comfort and performance, LeverLock™ adjustment.

Shaft Material: Carbon Length: 67-83"

Blade Mateial: Fiberglass Size: Std

Blade Angle: 10,5°

Area: 90"²

Length: 17.5"

Width: 7.25"

Weight: 28oz

**High quality lightweight & high performance carbon fiber! **
Condition is New with Tags!
**Shipped with USPS Priority Mail immediately afternoon payment is received!**

Bic Sport Performer Carbon Fiber CF LL Adj. SUP PADDLE

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