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SIC Maui 9'8" SMUGGLER Star Light Rigid Surfboard 

9'8 SMUGGLER (Blue)
Also Available : 9'4 (Red)

Construction: Star Light 
Shaper: Jon Henderson
Length: 9'8"
Volume: 89L
Width: 23"
Weight: 12.6lbs
Fin Configuration: Single US Box
Max Surfers Weight: 255lbs


An authentic traditional longboard shape, the SIC Smuggler model delivers timeless style, glide, flow, and fun. Subtle nose concave, 60/40 rails, continuous tail rocker, and a single fin make the Smuggler a nose riding dream. Precise yet smooth curves make these boards as beautiful as they are functional.

Star Light (SL) construction features a full epoxy and fiberglass skin laminated over a full PVC Sandwich.

9'8" SIC Maui Smuggler Star Light Rigid Surfboard

SKU: 103378
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