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SIC Maui 9'0" SWINDLER Star Light Rigid Surfboard 

Construction: Star Light 
Shaper: Jon Henderson
Length: 9'0"
Volume: 70L
Width: 22.8"
Weight: 12.1lbs
Fin Configuration: Single US Box + 2x FCS Fusion
Max Surfers Weight: 220lbs

The SIC Swindler model delivers performance with soul. The tapered foil of the nose and tail combined with the low, thin rails provides progressive performance and maximum maneuverability.

A surprisingly good tube-riding board, the Swindler’s slightly pulled-in shoulders and accelerated tail rocker compliment a smooth rounded-pintail.

The Swindler is designed to be ridden with a 2+1 fin setup primarily, but it can also be ridden as a single fin. Increase your wave count, speed, and stoke with this board.

Star Light (SL) construction features a full epoxy and fiberglass skin laminated over a full PVC Sandwich.

9'0" SIC Maui Swindler StarLight Rigid Surfboard

SKU: 103376
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