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SIC Maui 6'10" PISTOL WHIP Star Light Rigid Surfboard 

6'10 PISTOL WHIP (Dark Blue)
Also Available & Shown in Photos :
5'6" Pistol Whip  (Yellow)
6'0 Pistol Whip (Red)
6'4 Pistol Whip (Light Blue)

Construction: Star Light (SL)
Shaper: Jon Henderson
Length: 6'10"
Volume: 53L
Width: 22"
Weight: 8.8lbs
Fin Configuration: Quad 5x FCS Fusion
Max Surfers Weight: 220lbs


Acceleration and glide resulting from the refined hull design and precisely engineered balance bring SIC’s Pistol Whip model to life.The high-performance bottom contours blend seamlessly through the smooth three-stage rocker for enhancing performance, liveliness, and control with surprising ease. With a broader hip in front of the stinger tail shape, you can carry tremendous speed down the line and effortlessly link wave sections while the swallow digs into the turns like a board with much lower volume.The Pistol Whip comes with five FCS2 fin boxes; ride it as a quad, a thruster, or a twin-fin.

Star Light (SL) construction features a full epoxy and fiberglass skin laminated over a full PVC Sandwich.

6'10" SIC Maui Pistol Whip Rigid SL Surfboard

SKU: 103371
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