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17'5" Zegul Kayaks REVAL HV

A Superb British Style Kayak for Sea Touring and Smaller Expeditions!

Larger Volume Vessel for Bigger Paddlers!

Extremely responsive and easy to turn because the hull is designed with a Tight Rocker and Upswept Bow/Stern!

Suitable for Paddlers who are looking for a unit that can handle more challenging Sea Conditions!

Length | 17ft 5in

Width | 23.6”

Thickness | 13.6”

Weight | 57lbs

Max Load | 342lbs

Bow Hatch | Round 10” : 70L

Stern Hatch | Oval 17” x 10.2” : 90L

Day Hatch | 6” : 35L

Construction | A-Core Honeycomb

Sprayskirt Size | XL

Life Is Better When You Paddle

17'5" Zegul REVAL HV Sea Touring Kayak A-Core 100% Honeycomb Fiberglass Nordic

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