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11’ SIC MAUI Tao Fit (TT) Ace - Tec Stand Up Paddle Board x 34"


TAO Fit Paddleboard Specs:

Width: 34 inches

Length: 11ft 0in

Weight: 35.3lbs

Volume: 260L (Max Rider 285lbs!)

Fin System: 9” Dolphin Tool-less center

Tie Down: Front Bungee + Rear Tie Down

Technology: Tough Tec EPS Core

The TAO Fit is about stability, durability, and versatility ↩️

Whether paddling in slop and boat chop or taking a board down a section of fast water, the hybrid hull offers a unique keeled nose for cutting through chop and softening the ride while giving the board excellent tracking characteristics.

The keeled nose transitions to a flat profile through the middle of the board, giving it outstanding stability. The flat deck offers the perfect platform for those looking for a board for a yoga class or the angler who wants to land the big one. A flat deck is also the perfect surface to keep your cooler or take your child or dog for a ride.

SIC Maui products are Deisgned in Hawaii and manufactured in France!

11' SIC Maui Ace-Tec Tao Fit Full Deckpad Stand Up Paddleboard SUP

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