Brand New in stock!!
11'6 SUP ATX "DOHENY" Stand Up paddle board

Length-->11'6"     Width-->32''     Weight--> 28lbs    Thickness--> 4.75"    Capacity 230L

Constructed with a durable EPS FOAM core : full fiberglass epoxy construction! 

Perfect board for all around touring/surf extremely easy to maneuver. 

-Patented LIFT SUP handle makes this board very easy to carry 

Includes all FINS + Adjustable Stand up paddle board PADDLEW/ Purchase of BOARD #50% off Paddle/Board BAGS + Carbon Fiber PADDLES#

*Please call/text our sales rep @ 732-977-6448 with any questions anytime*

11'6 SUP ATX "Doheny"w/Paddle + FIN